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Our products and a professional ventilation concept ensure almost perfect air circulation and at the same time reduce the risk of mould. The continuous supply of fresh air plays a decisive role in living spaces as well as in schools and kindergartens, offices and workrooms. Fresh air has a positive effect on the ability to perform and concentrate. In addition, it makes an important contribution to greater well-being. With the help of our ventilation units, pollen and (fine) dust stay outside and freshly filtered air flows into the building.

Decentralised ventilation systems / ventilation unit

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There is no such thing as a standard ventilation concept that is perfectly suited to every property. Different requirements call for innovative concepts – with our product portfolio and our many years of experience, almost anything can be implemented in terms of ventilation technology. In the living room and bedroom, cosiness and comfort play an important role. Our products filter impurities as well as pollen and, if required, fine dust from the air and ensure a cosy ambience. Thanks to special features such as the design panel with air outlet upwards, it is possible to install the ventilation above the seating area, for example. In bathrooms, the humidity is particularly high. To reduce the risk of mould and combat moisture problems, it is recommended to use exhaust air systems with or without heat recovery. Our ventilation systems are all “Made in Germany”!

Decentralised sound-insulated ventilation

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If you need decentralised ventilation systems with sound insulation, you will also find the right products here. Thanks to unique components from the field of acoustics, our decentralised sound-insulating ventilators achieve extremely high values in terms of standard sound level difference. We will be happy to configure our ventilation systems in our in-house sound laboratory with regard to your special project requirements.


Decentralised ventilation systems

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As soon as an energy consultant or building planner has created an individual ventilation concept for the flat, house or commercial property, the installation of our ventilation systems can begin. All SEVi ventilation systems are quick and easy to install. Our customers can find detailed installation instructions in the DOWNLOAD CENTER.