Sound insulation for ventilation systems

The top topic of the future – maximum sound insulation with SEVentilation!

With decentralised ventilation systems from SEVentilation, you only let fresh and filtered air into your rooms… Noise stays outside! This is ensured by our company-owned sound room and a multitude of further developments! Our products are specially designed for maximum sound insulation. Contact us regarding your sound insulation project at or +49 36424 / 767472.

In the following, we show you our sound insulation possibilities:

  • Company sound laboratory
  • Innovative components for effective exterior sound insulation
  • Sound-insulated ventilators in the Heat Recovery range
  • Sound-insulated supply and extract air systems
  • Continuous sound insulation development of decentralised ventilation systems
  • Project and object-related configuration of our SEVi products
  • SEVentilation – Your first point of contact when it comes to sound insulation

In-house sound laboratory for maximum sound insulation

In mid-2018, we completed our long-planned and designed in-house sound room. This enables us to measure the sound insulation (standard sound level difference) and the inherent noise development (sound power level) of our decentralised ventilation systems. The sound room, equipped with state-of-the-art technology and tested by several sound engineers, enables us to determine the external sound insulation for a wide range of product configurations. Furthermore, it is possible to use and test various materials as sound absorbers. It is also possible to simulate various wall thicknesses and their effects on the standard sound level difference.

Innovative components for effective sound insulation

We can increase the standard sound level difference of SEVi ventilation systems with numerous components. Thanks to additional sound insulation elements in our inner louvre and a modification of the fan housing, we can achieve a high level of external sound insulation even with thin walls. In addition, we can insert special sound insulation inserts made of sound-absorbing material between the fan housing and the inner panel. These results in partial absorption and refraction of the sound minimise the sound entering the living space. These components can be used individually and in combination in the SEVi ventilation system.

Sound insulation – sound-absorbing ventilators in the heat recovery range

In the sound insulation configuration, the SEVi 160PP “Premium Plus” achieves a standard sound level difference of 64 dB with a wall thickness of 480mm. And that with heat recovery and good air performance. Our SEVi 160 sound-insulating ventilator with heat recovery already achieves a standard sound level difference of 49 dB at 480mm wall thickness in the Plus version approved by the DIBt. With the use of further sound-insulating components, the SEVi ventilation system can achieve up to 54 dB standard sound level difference with the above wall thickness (in connection with changed technical parameters, e.g. changed volume flow – contact us for queries). With higher wall thicknesses, the standard sound level difference also increases. Other products from the SEVi 160 series such as the SEVi 160U Undercover (SEVi 160U standard sound level difference up to 60 dB) are currently being optimised.

Sound-absorbing ventilator SEVi 160PP up to 64 dB

Sound-absorbing ventilator SEVi 160 up to 61 dB

Sound-absorbing ventilator SEVi 160U “Undercover” as reveal version up to 60 dB

Sound insulation – sound-insulated supply and exhaust air systems

We are also continuously working on improved external sound insulation for our supply and extract air systems. Our SEVi 160ALD fresh air diffuser achieves a standard sound level difference of up to 67 dB without deflection and 67 dB with deflection (with 480mm wall thickness / in connection with modified technical parameters, e.g. modified volume flow rate). Further project-specific adjustments can further increase the external sound insulation.

The soundproofing improvement of other products from our product portfolio is also possible. Contact us!

Continuous further development with regard to the sound insulation of decentralised ventilation systems

Sound insulation in residential ventilation systems – the topic of the future! With the conditions that have now been created, constant innovation and continuous further development are possible with regard to sound insulation and intrinsic noise development of SEVi ventilation systems. And we will also use these prerequisites to achieve the best possible values and results for your building projects and sound insulation projects!

Project- and object-related configuration of our sevi products in respect of sound protection

Our in-house sound laboratory enables project- or object-related configuration and measurement of our SEVi ventilation systems. This enables us to respond individually to your sound insulation requirements and provide you with information on the external sound insulation of our decentralised ventilation systems in specific installation situations.

Seventilation – your first contact when it comes to sound insulation

At SEVentilation, we want you to find and use the optimum, tailor-made product for your soundproofing project. We will be happy to provide you with an individual quotation and configure our soundproofing ventilators for your project. Contact us at: or simply call: Phone. +49 36424 / 767472.

Over the past few years, we have acquired great expertise in the field of sound insulation and external noise reduction and always keep an eye on current standards and guidelines.The external noise reduction (or better the standard sound level difference) and the volume flow are interdependent variables. We therefore state our measured values with the specified framework conditions (e.g. wall thickness) and the resulting realistic volume flow rates.