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A team of employees and partners, some of whom have decades of experience in ventilation technology, is ready to assist you in the realisation of your building project. The locations of our employees and partners are distributed throughout Germany (nationwide) and Europe. Whether you are a private individual or a civil engineer, architect, facade builder or electrician, we are here to help you.


SEVentilation Ventilation Manufacture®

Individual products

In addition to our standard products, we are able to manufacture individual products with the help of our metal construction, sound room, air performance measurement technology and insulation material processing. In recent years we have developed many specially adapted products and will be happy to advise you on the implementation of your project.

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Buy your filter simply and easily in our filter shop. Maintenance videos for the individual systems support you in maintaining your ventilation system.

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In the following you will find news, product information, further developments, trade fair dates and all worth knowing news about SEVentilation. With our news page we would like to keep you up to date and show you news in a short and compact form...

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A mixed team of employees with the experience of thousands of ventilation projects and a great desire to further develop ourselves and our company.
A 100% owner-managed company in the middle of Germany. We have been producing Made in Germany products since the company was founded.

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SEVentilation – Your partner for individual, soundproof & energy efficient ventilation solutions.

We are your partner in the field of decentralized ventilation.

Find out more about our extensive product portfolio, our performance and our unique, customer-oriented service here:


Decentralized ventilation / Decentralized ventilation systems

SEVentilation’s decentralized ventilation systems are uncompromisingly simple and easy to assemble or install. Decentralized ventilation: The decentralized ventilation system is controlled intuitively, individually and customizable via easy-to-use and innovative control systems such as our SEC-Touch. As a supplier of decentralized ventilation systems (up to 90% heat recovery), we offer many different options for individual customer requirements.

Maximum sound insulation with SEVentilation

  • Fresh air outlets straight through the wall up to 67 dB Dn,e,w
  • Fresh air diffusers as reveal version up to 67 dB Dn,e,w
  • SEVi 160PP with heat recovery up to 64 dB
  • SEVi 160 up to 61 dB
  • SEVi 160U up to 60 dB
  • Even higher sound attenuation with the SEVi modular system

Our fans belong to the class of sound-absorbing fans with extremely high external sound insulation. SEVi ALDs achieve up to 67 dB, our WRG systems up to 64 dB Dn,e,w. With the help of our flexible modular construction system, a ventilation solution can be found for almost any installation situation or project requirement. Thanks to the sound-insulating effect of our modular components, we can achieve very high values for the standard sound level difference with our modular system. 67 dB is therefore not the limit.


Our in-house sound room allows us to configure our decentralized ventilation systems in a project- and object-specific manner with regard to external noise reduction. You can find out more about sound insulation here.


Decentralized ventilation systems (Decentralized ventilation) provide dust & pollen free air supply.

Our heat-recovering, decentralized ventilation system creates increased living quality thanks to modern filter systems. Controlled, decentralized residential ventilation reduces moisture and decreases the associated development of harmful mold. The ventilation systems will provide you with fresh air in the future, reduce pollen, dust (accessories: pollen and dust filters) and offer protection against noise, as you can keep your windows closed in the future (when planning nominal ventilation according to DIN 1946-6). In our filter store you can quickly and easily order new filters for your SEVi ventilation system directly from SEVentilation.

As a producer or manufacturer of ecologically sensible, highly efficient, decentralized ventilation systems, it is our credo that you feel comfortable and additionally save expensive heating energy due to the high heat recovery (decentralized ventilation).

SEVentilation’s decentralized ventilation systems are completely manufactured in Germany and have been tested many times. A large number of SEVi ventilation systems are approved by the DIBt. Through our many years of experience in practical application, we can say: Our ventilation systems work extremely reliably and are easy to operate.


Sound-absorbing ventilator with heat recovery

Via the following movie link you can watch an informative movie about our product “SEVi 160” of the class of sound insulating ventilators (running time: approx. 3.45 min).


SEVentilation GmbH by N24

Short film “Trade fair report January 2016”.

More videos about our company, our products (also in English and Chinese) and their maintenance as well as filter change can be found on the Videos page.

Decentralized ventilation systems or centralized residential ventilation?

Decentralized ventilation systems (decentralized ventilation) are gaining more and more importance and are gaining more and more market share. Good thermal insulation and tight windows can save you a lot of energy and money. Unfortunately, however, moisture and pollutants hardly have a chance to leave the object. This shortcoming can become a major problem within efficiency, passive, zero-energy or plus-energy houses.



Reducing moisture, mould and pollutants with the help of a ventilation system

Energy-saving ventilation systems are used so that moisture and pollutants can be released to the outside air even in very well insulated buildings. These ventilation systems provide fresh, filtered air and generate a continuous air exchange.

Increase your living comfort without additional window ventilation (when planning nominal ventilation according to DIN 1946-6) via healthy and energy-saving air circulation by means of a decentralised ventilation system (decentralised ventilation) from SEVentilation.


Decentralised ventilation – ventilation units with heat recovery

Our decentralised ventilation units (ventilation unit always consists of 2 fan drives = operation in pairs) are installed in the ventilation system with two separate fans. By using two fans, the ventilation system is able to provide cross-ventilation in the living space. The high-performance ceramic heat exchanger installed in the ventilation system extracts the heat energy contained in the exhaust air and heats the fresh air coming from outside (supply air), which is passed through the heat accumulator. Our ventilation systems have a heat recovery efficiency of up to 90 percent and can also be used room by room. Our decentralised SEVi ventilation systems are ideally suited for new buildings and for retrofitting in renovation projects (decentralised ventilation).

Decentralised ventilation – supply & extract air systems without heat recovery

Our product portfolio also includes decentralised, sound-insulated supply and exhaust air systems without heat recovery. With the help of decentralised supply and exhaust air systems, ventilation systems can be implemented quickly and cost-effectively. This also enables you to achieve the minimum air exchange rate required by the ENEV for your property. We have a variety of exhaust air units for the outside wall or as shaft ventilators. Our sound-insulated SEVi 160 Fresh air diffuser provides the necessary supply air. In the future, this will also be available as a recessed version. Due to the continuous acoustic optimisation of our ventilation systems in our in-house sound laboratory, our fresh air diffuser, without deflection, achieves a standard sound level difference of up to 67 dB.

Decentralised residential ventilation systems

Decentralised ventilation units (decentralised ventilation) are installed specifically in the desired living spaces and are ideal for meeting the desired and required minimum air exchange rate (ENEV). Thanks to very simple control and installation, you can easily configure your ventilation systems or set them individually.

Due to constantly rising energy costs, old existing buildings are being modernised, i.e. not only energy-efficient windows, doors, insulated facades and modern heating systems are used. Due to the increased tightness of buildings, decentralised ventilation systems (decentralised ventilation) are being used more and more often.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Heat recovery reduces energy costs
  • Removal of excess moisture
  • Always fresh oxygen
  • Minimisation of pollen

You can read about the advantages in detail here:


Planning documents for decentralised ventilation systems

Good, foresighted and application-related planning is very important for ventilation tasks. With the help of our planning documents for the SEVi 160 product series, you already have the opportunity to define the areas of application of our decentralised ventilation in the planning phase. This planning folder not only provides you with technical product information and characteristic ventilation values of the SEVi product series. The SEVentilation planning documents also provide important information on installation, maintenance and filter replacement. We would be happy to send you our current planning folder with our series products. Please contact us for more detailed information on customised products.

Decentralised ventilation – references

You will find reference pictures of our SEVi ventilation systems under the heading References. Here you can see, among others, the SEVi 160, the SEVi 160CE, the SEVi 160U and the two control units SEC-Touch and SEC-20BF in installed condition. Our reference objects are spread all over Germany and show the further spread of our SEVi ventilation systems. For the creation of our high-quality reference folder, we have spared no expense and effort and have optimally staged the Germany-wide reference objects.