Decentralised ventilation SEVi 200 with round inner screen

Decentralised ventilation SEVi 200 with round inner screen

SEVi 200 - the standard variant

The standard SEVi 200 fan is available with a round or square inner bezel for perfect integration into the interior design.

Structure of the product

The SEVi 200 consists of a fixed pipe (Ø = 200mm) made of PPs (polypropylene) flame retardant, for installation of the ventilation system in properties with a wide range of wall thicknesses from 300 mm. The ventilation system is fixed in the PPs pipe. It consists of an EPP (expanded polypropylene) casing. This material has a strong sound-absorbing and insulating effect.

An extremely quiet reversible high-performance fan from Papst operates in the housing. A high-tech ceramic (specific heat capacity 877 J/kgK) is implemented as heat exchanger. The specially designed outer bonnet with wind protection function prevents water from entering the ventilation system. In addition, a dust filter (optional pollen filter) is inserted into the system for protection against external influences (the filters are very easy to change).

Technical data
  • Heat supply efficiency: up to 91 % *1
  • Heat supply efficiency / corrected value for DIBt: up to 84 % (0.84 – 0.67) *2
  • Operating voltage: 12 V DC
  • Fan type: reversible, axial, electronically controlled, humidity-resistant
  • Air performance 4 – stage: 15 m³/h up to 48 m³/h *3
  • Air performance in extract air mode: up to 96 m³/h *4
  • Power consumption: between 0.18 W/(m³/h) and 0.37 W/(m³/h) *5
  • Measured surface sound pressure level: ~ 16.5 dB at performance level 1 (15m³/h)
  • Standard sound level difference / inner cover open – installation length 480 mm / inner cover 5 mm open / 180 mm sound mat: D n,w 42 dB (42.8 dB) *6
  • Standard sound level difference / inside cover closed – installation length 300 mm / inside cover closed: D n,w 54 dB (54.2 dB) *7*8
  • Filter: dust filter (G3) / optional pollen filter
  • Inner cover: lockable with sound insulation
  • Facade closure: V4A stainless steel weather protection bonnet (250 x 270 mm)
  • Wall thickness: from 300 mm
  • Pipe diameter: 200 mm
  • Core drill hole diameter: 220 mm
  • Energy efficiency class: A (B in conjunction with SEC-20 without FS and SEC-Touch without FS, with FS = A)

*1 (calculated from the values of the IGE test report at 16° C outdoor temperature / performance level 1)
*2*3*5 (measured according to DIBt in paired operation with SEC-20, University of Stuttgart IGE- Institute for Building Energetics)
*4 (Special function: Both fans operate in exhaust air direction, only possible with SEC-Touch).
*6*7 (measured at ift Rosenheim)
*8 (reduced volume flow, see technical data / measurement records)

Performance levels ventilation system:

  • Damp-proof ventilation = stage 1 (SEC-20 Basic, SEC-20)
  • Damp-proof ventilation = stage 1 (SEC-Touch)
  • Demand ventilation = stage 2 / 3 (SEC-20 Basic, SEC-20)
  • Demand ventilation = stage 2 / 3 / 4 (SEC-Touch)
  • Intensive ventilation = level 4 (SEC-20 Basic, SEC-20)
  • Intensive ventilation = level 5 / 6 (SEC-Touch)

General information:

Pictures/illustrations of the products on the Internet and on brochures/advertising material may differ from the original. This is due to the constant development work on our products and/or the cooperation with several suppliers of raw materials, auxiliary materials and operating materials. In addition, colours can have different effects due to different light influences.

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