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The topic of sound insulation or external sound insulation is becoming more and more important for decentralised ventilation systems. The reduction of noise from outside the building is becoming increasingly important in the construction of new buildings as well as in (energy-related) renovations. The decentralised sound-insulating ventilators from SEVentilation are specially designed and optimised to improve sound insulation. The standard sound level difference of decentralised ventilation units and the sound reduction index play an important role in this context. In the following, we will show you the best ways to use SEVentilation sound-insulating ventilators and the possible applications for you.

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Decentralised ventilation with sound-absorbing ventilatorsDecentralised sound insulating ventilators for your own home Quiet ventilation systems with heat recovery & sound insulation Effiziente dezentrale Lüftungssysteme mit SchalldämmungReference for decentralised ventilationSound insulated ventilator reference

Sound-absorbing ventilators – the specially developed construction

Our decentralised sound-insulating ventilators, such as the SEVi 160, have a unique design which is intended to minimise the penetration of sound and thus maximise the standard sound level difference. For this purpose, we have implemented a sound insulation insert in the weather protection bonnet (optional), which significantly reduces the external sound. Our 6-cornered ceramic heat exchanger ensures optimum heat recovery and also reduces sound transmission. Next to this, the structure of our decentralised ventilation systems contains the fan from EBM-papst, which has been specially optimised for SEVentilation. This fan is flow-optimised for both running directions and has extremely low inherent noise levels. Furthermore, this fan has also been optimised to minimise sound transmission. Subsequently, you will find up to 2 sound insulation inserts in the pipe of our decentralised sound-insulating ventilators of the Plus variant, which cause a strong increase in the standard sound level difference.

Sound insulation fan – sevi 160 in the sound insulation configuration up to 61 db

Thanks to innovative sound insulation inserts and continuous product development in our sound laboratory, the SEVi 160P in the sound insulation version achieves up to 61 dB Dn,e,w.

Sound-insulating ventilators – dibt-approved sound-insulating variant up to 49 db

Our decentralised ventilation systems SEVi 160 and SEVi 160D “DUO” can be supplied as a Plus variant for increased sound insulation requirements. In this case, sound insulation mats are placed in the fixed pipe and a sound insulation mat is also implemented in the weather protection bonnet. This provides additional refraction and deflection of the sound and thus attenuates it. The SEVi 160 in the Plus version achieves up to 49 dB standard sound level difference, the SEVi 160D “DUO” up to 44 dB standard sound level difference. Thanks to our in-house sound laboratory, we can achieve even higher sound insulation values by configuration, depending on the environment.

Sound-insulating ventilator – premium plus weather protection bonnet up to 64 db

For special noise protection projects, e.g. near noise-critical infrastructure such as airports or motorways, you need even higher requirements for the external sound insulation of ventilation systems. For this purpose, we have developed the “Premium Plus” sound insulation bonnet. With this extremely sound-insulated bonnet, our SEVi 160PP ventilation system achieves a standard sound level difference of 58 dB with a wall thickness of 365 mm. An absolute peak value when open.

Sound-insulated fresh air diffuser (ald) up to 67 db

A fresh air diffuser provides the necessary air supply if exhaust air units or exhaust air systems are installed in the utilisation unit. Here, too, external sound insulation plays an important role. Our SEVi 160ALD achieves a standard sound level difference of 57 dB with a wall thickness of 480 mm thanks to innovative sound insulation inserts and the specially designed weather protection bonnet as well as the upward-opening inner cover. The extra sound-insulated Plus variant of the fresh air diffuser even achieves 67 dB standard sound level difference at this wall thickness thanks to special inserts in the weather protection bonnet (sound-insulating ventilator).

Sound-absorbing ventilators – company-owned sound laboratory

Another unique selling point of SEVentilation GmbH is our company-owned sound laboratory at our location in Kahla. This sound laboratory is equipped with the latest components and instruments for measuring the standard sound level difference and the sound power level. With these unique facilities, we can further optimise both the external sound insulation and the intrinsic noise of our sound-insulating ventilators. Our decentralised ventilation systems can be configured project-specifically, so that, for example, wall-thickness-dependent measurements of the standard sound level difference are possible.

Contact us regarding our decentralised sound-insulating ventilators, we will be happy to advise you on the various possible uses and fields of use.