Filter change of ventilation systems

Filter replacement plays an important role in decentralised residential ventilation. Decentralised ventilation systems have filters to remove dust and dirt particles from the incoming supply air. The outflowing exhaust air is also cleaned by a filter in order to not contaminate the ventilation unit and its components but to ensure the permanent functionality of the system. A continuous check of the filters and a regular filter change are essential for decentralised home ventilation systems.

Regular filter change brings numerous advantages

A regular filter check and accordingly a periodic filter change are elementary for the functional efficiency and optimal operation of a decentralised ventilation system. An old, dirty filter lets in less air due to its fibres. The volume flow and thus the performance of the decentralised ventilation system decrease accordingly. Furthermore, the performance quality of old, dirty filters suffers immensely. Especially in the pollen season, new, fresh and clean filters are important for your well-being and increase health benefits. Especially in children’s rooms, pollen-free, clean and thus healthy air counteracts later susceptibility to various diseases such as hay fever. Changing the filters periodically can help.

How does the filter changes work in sevi-ventilation systems?

Changing the filter in decentralised ventilation systems from SEVentilation is simple. To do so, pull the removable round or square inner cover off your ventilation system. The filter is located in the inner panel and can there be replaced with a new one. The filter change for our decentralised SEVi 160 ventilation systems is clearly explained in the maintenance video on our media library. With the SEVi Multi, you can also change the filters by opening the flap on the inner panel and pulling out the filter holder. You can purchase replacement filters for all SEVentilation ventilation systems directly in our filter shop.

Changing filters – where can i get replacement filters for my ventilation system?

Anyone who has installed a decentralised SEVi ventilation system in their home or in a rental property will regularly need new filters for their ventilation systems. You can order replacement filters for your ventilation system from SEVentilation directly from us. Just use our filter shop on our homepage. The filters are then shipped directly from our factory and will be delivered within a few days (no liability is taken for the postal services). This way, you can quickly and easily obtain new filters for an effective filter replacement for your decentralised living space ventilation.

Why should i use filters from seventilation?

Please only use filters from SEVentilation in your ventilation system. SEVentilation filters have been tested for fire protection and hygienic safety. Moreover, our decentralised ventilation systems with filters from SEVentilation have been measured by the DIBt and were qualified to be good. If filters other than those offered by SEVentilation are used in DIBt-approved ventilation systems, it is possible that volume flows other than those measured by DIBt may be conveyed. In addition, the fire protection properties and the hygienic regulations may differ for filters from other manufacturers. Your ventilation system may therefore no longer comply with the DIBt approval. The use of other filters also affects the warranty.